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The best plus size BCDs as chosen by real female divers in the Girls that Scuba community, from the modular Zeagle Zena to custom backplate and wing setups.

best sustainable swimwear for scuba divers
Girls that Scuba breaks down how to choose sustainable swimwear for scuba diving, exploring which fabrics are used, how to care for recycled swimwear, how to avoid greenwashing, and the best sustainable swimwear brands.

best scuba dive computers 2021
We round up the best dive computers for 2021 (as well as the all time best dive computers), with new releases, updated editions and soon-to-be-released dive computers suitable for beginner divers, technical divers or gadget lovers.

Finding the perfect wetsuit/drysuit/dive wear, is it possible? The Girls that Scuba team show you their favourite brands and sizing

GTS explores everything you need to know about SMBs - learn the difference between SMBs and DSMBs, what to look for in a delayed surface marker buoy, and top tips for deploying a DSMB.

Girls that Scuba guides you through choosing a perfect scuba diving mask, from mask parts and features, to how to get a great fit that’s right for you.

staying warm when diving
Scuba divers top tips for keeping warm whilst scuba diving; from exposure suits, to keeping warm before dives, on your surface intervals and beyond.

We have a look at what Girls that Scuba are loving recently starting with the new Abingdon Dive Watch.

Does your mask fog up as soon as you hit the water? We know why and here's how to fix it

Yes, you can take your phone underwater and no it won't flood.. if you buy the right housing.

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