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Whitetip Reef Sharks - 8 Questions Answered
Want to know what reef sharks eat? Are you wondering if whitetip reef sharks are dangerous? We've got the answers and whitetip shark facts here!

Women smiling at the camera whilst standing in clear, shallow water
Girls that Scuba are proud to be supporting the Manta Trust with their incredible campaign to empower women by giving them the opportunity to learn to swim. Flossy Barraud, who developed the project, tells us more about the importance of women in island nations developing strong relationships with the water.

girls that scuba
Becoming a Scientific Diver can be somewhat of a self-guided scavenger hunt. So we ask Scientific Diver Caitlin Woodman to shine more light on it for Girls that Scuba.

Large number of commercially caught small fish
Can we care about the ocean and still eat seafood? Should scuba divers be consuming fish? We explore overfishing and sustainability to try to find answers.

Don't just be a diver - make a differnece. Here's why you should think about marine conservation programmes instead of noraml dive holidays.

A freediver underwater is taking a picture of a manta ray, overlaid white text reads "The Best Places to Dive With Manta Rays"
Has it always been your dream to dive with mantas? We tell you everything you need to know about these gentle giants and where you can find them!