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Aliwal Shoal south africa
Heading to South Africa to scuba dive? You'll be wanting to go shark diving in Aliwal Shoal.

Bermuda is the perfect place for beginner scuba divers, history geeks and those who love wrecks, but aren’t keen on diving to significant depths.

scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo
Voted one of the best dive destinations in the world we check out the best dive sites in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico.

scuba diving gran canaria
Blue Explorers- Spains first dive-centric resort invited us to come and dive and stay with them and here's all the fun we had!

scuba diving in the uk
Scuba diving in the UK is not something to be missed; basking sharks, seals, wrecks and more! Here are our top dive sites in the UK

inland scuba diving uk
What's a GTS girl to do when she's not by the ocean? She can't let her gills dry out can she? It's off to the inland dive centres we go!

We've all hear about scuba diving in Silfra - the only place in the world you can dive between the American and Eurasian continental plates, and touch both continents at the same time! We hand over to Girls that Scuba member Sigríður Lárusdóttir who lives and works in Iceland to tell us all about scuba diving in this magical place! The water in Silfra is as clear as pure air, the landscape is breathtaking and the colours are beautiful. Visibility can be 100 meters plus, in fact, the water...