We were invited to try the world's first scuba game mashup of is scavenger hunt, escape room and labyrinth in Cozumel, Mexico!

treated scuba diving masks
We review treated/tinted scuba masks to see whether they are worth the purchase.

Everything you need to know about scuba diving in the Azores, from which sites to dive, to how much it costs to scuba dive in the Azores, and what certification level you need to dive with mobula rays in the Azores.

The ultimate scuba liveaboard packing list from Girls that Scuba; from what clothing to pack for a dive trip, to a handy liveaboard packing checklist.

Are you looking for your next freediving mask? Have you just started freediving and want to get your first low-voulume mask? Aqualung Sphera masks are some of the most popular freediving masks on the market, and the new 'Sphera X' is a mighty but small mask that we absolutely love!

new scuba dive eqquipment 2021
There have been some really exciting new pieces of dive gear recently so we've put together some of our favourite new dive releases!

Girls that Scuba shares the best LGBTQ+ friendly scuba diving destinations

How to take care of Black hair when scuba diving, including the importance of freshwater rinsing, how to protect Black hair with styling and accessories, and the best hair oils for Black scuba divers.

Girls that Scuba celebrates their fifth birthday by looking back on the first year of their ambassador program.

We review Aqua Lungs latest dive computer the I300R to let you know if this is the right dive computer for you!

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