6 of the Best Scuba Diving Honeymoon Destinations
Looking to take a scuba diving honeymoon? Whether it's liveaboard or land based, here are the best scuba honeymoon locations to check out.

6 Fascinating Parrotfish Species to Encounter Underwater
Looking for interesting parrotfish species? Learn about these sand-pooping fish, from bumphead parrotfish, to stoplight parrotfish and blue parrotfish!

11 Sea Turtle Facts Every Diver Should Know
Want to get to know sea turtles? Here are some fun facts about turtles that everyone needs to know!

Apeks Launches Exotec BCD
We love seeing innovative new scuba diving equipment on offer from the team at Apeks. Let’s check out the brand new Apeks Exotec BCD!

scuba diving when pregnant
Are you a scuba diver currently pregnant? Have you been pregnant as a scuba diver? We are looking to help women make informed decisions on pregnancy while being a diver by collecting data and creating information on this topic - one that is hardly spoken about! We'd love to hear your experience that you can share with the community. We aren't taking any personal data from you - not even your name, so anything shared is completely anonymous. If you are interested in whether you can scuba dive...

10 Fun Facts About Seahorses
Want to learn some interesting facts about seahorses? From the world's smallest seahorse to what seahorses eat, you'll find the knowledge here!

Seychelles Scuba Diving - The Ultimate Guide
Everything you need to know for your Seychelles scuba diving trip, including marine life in the Seychelles, the best island for diving, and more!

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Are you looking for a scuba diving grant or a diving scholarship to advance your scuba skills? We keep all the latest opportunities up to date here!

Where to Swim With Whale Sharks - A Month-by-Month Guide
Wondering where to swim or scuba dive with whale sharks? We've got a full guide with where to encounter these gentle giants each month!

Whitetip Reef Sharks - 8 Questions Answered
Want to know what reef sharks eat? Are you wondering if whitetip reef sharks are dangerous? We've got the answers and whitetip shark facts here!

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