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Are you looking for a scuba diving grant or a diving scholarship to advance your scuba skills? We keep all the latest opportunities up to date here!

Where to Swim With Whale Sharks - A Month-by-Month Guide
Wondering where to swim or scuba dive with whale sharks? We've got a full guide with where to encounter these gentle giants each month!

Whitetip Reef Sharks - 8 Questions Answered
Want to know what reef sharks eat? Are you wondering if whitetip reef sharks are dangerous? We've got the answers and whitetip shark facts here!

Women smiling at the camera whilst standing in clear, shallow water
Girls that Scuba are proud to be supporting the Manta Trust with their incredible campaign to empower women by giving them the opportunity to learn to swim. Flossy Barraud, who developed the project, tells us more about the importance of women in island nations developing strong relationships with the water.

How Much To Tip in Scuba Diving - 6 Questions Answered
Tips are a hot topic for scuba divers. Here's how much to tip your dive guide, where in the dive world tips are expected, and when to hand them over!

The Best Women's BCDs
If you’re looking for the best women’s BCDs, who better to ask than Girls that Scuba? Read on for the best travel BCDs, hybrid styles, and wings for women.

22 Girls that Scuba to Watch in 2022
Looking to be inspired by women achieving incredible things in scuba diving? Check out these 22 scuba divers to follow in 2022!

The Best Diving in the Caribbean - 12 Islands to Explore
Whether you're after exhilarating shark dives or laid-back island vibes, we've found the top scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean for you!

Honor Frost holding a skandalopetra divers' anchor
Lauren Tidbury of the Honor Frost Foundation tells us about Honor's history, and how her legacy inspires a new generation of maritime archaeologists.

The Best Women’s Drysuits - How to Choose the Perfect Drysuit for You
Choosing a drysuit isn't easy - here are 7 of the best women's drysuit brands, and all you need to know about drysuit materials and undergarments.

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