Aqua Lung Launches New Collection for 2021

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love keeping on top of what’s new in the world of scuba diving equipment. We’ve had an exclusive look at the new launches from Aqua Lung, and we’re excited to share these innovations with you. From a mid range dive computer with incredible value for money, to sustainable wetsuits and a brand new modular jacket BCD, there’s something for every diver in these new launches. So grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine, we’re not judging!) and get settled in to find out what’s new from Aqua Lung in the coming months.

Aqua Lung i300R Dive Computer

aqua lung I300r dive computer

The quality of mid range dive computers has come a long way in recent years with fantastic computers appearing at incredible prices. The Aqua Lung i300R is no exception, and we predict this is going to be a popular choice for new and experienced divers alike.  


Simplicity and functionality come together perfectly in this computer. An easy two button navigation makes the menu intuitive even for entry level divers, with a single button press bringing up the last dive’s depth and bottom time. The computer features four functional modes - air, nitrox, gauge, and free - and can support up to three changeable gases meaning it can continue to work for divers as their skills develop. 


Most new dive computers are trending towards colour displays and the i300R has followed suit, with a rectangular screen displayed on a rugged, hard wearing nylon strap. The intelligent colour display is readable in all environments, from dark water to bright sunlight, and the brightness is adjustable in order to preserve that all-important battery life. The rechargeable battery provides up to 30 hours of battery life, meaning this computer could potentially last an entire liveaboard trip on a single charge. Dives are easily uploaded to your devices via Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can log your dives straight to your phone using the DiverLog+ app


See our review of last years new Aqua Lung computer the i700c

Aqua Lung Omni BCD

Following on from their popular Rogue BCD, the new Aqua Lung Omni BCD is a modular jacket style BCD. Whilst most modular BCDs on the market are back inflate, this is a modular design in a more classic jacket style. This helps to solve the fit issues which can be problematic with single sized jacket BCDs. 


With the interchangeable components you can customise your BCD for a perfect fit and unique styling. Four components in three size offerings make up the jacket - the shoulder assembly, waistband, back, and air cell (bladder). These click securely into place with “Modlock™” connectors, and can be easily unlocked with household tools such as a pen or key if you choose to change the pieces. Once your sizing is perfected, you can add one of six colour kits in Black, White, Glacier, Pink, Blue or Tropic Yellow. The colour kit consists of a back pad, reusable mesh bag, weight pockets, console holder, inflator velcro, zipper pulls and chest strap slider, giving the BCD stylish flashes of colour to complement the rest of your equipment.

aqua lung omi bcd colours

A notable innovation in the jacket is the bladder retraction system - whilst deflating jackets can often be uneven and clumsy, the Omni pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation to maintain a streamlined shape and reduce drag. As standard, the BCD features zip pockets, four stainless steel d-rings, an octo holder, quick release integrated weight pockets and a knife mount point, whilst the secure tank band boasts a finger-saver feature. Optional extras include additional trim pockets, an SMB pocket and a waistband extender. Dump valves are located at the top and bottom of the right hand side.

Aqua Lung Xscape Collection

Xscape 3/4mm Wetsuit - If like us you’ve lusted after the fun prints and colours of surf wetsuits but found that they don’t stand up to the pressure (literally) of scuba diving, you will be overjoyed to see the new Aqua Lung Xscape wetsuit. 


Aqua Lung’s “aim was to design the ultimate eco-friendly wetsuit”, and they’ve succeeded in creating a comfortable, strong, sustainable suit which happens to also be great to look at. Designed with explorers in mind, this 3/4mm suit is suitable for diving in water between 20°C and 28°C, and the super four way stretch makes it just as practical for other ocean sports (such as snorkelling, freediving, and even paddling or surfing). 


The stretch comes from their innovative, 100% neoprene free fabric - the suit is constructed from a natural rubber core layer (Yulex) laminated with water based glue and topped with fabric made from recycled bottles. Comfort is provided by the preformed neck, arms, and legs, whilst the silicone seals at wrists and ankles and the double flap back zip prevent flushing to keep you warmer. The inner fleece layer on the chest also works to keep you warm, as well as making the suit faster-drying. 


With all that flexibility and comfort you might expect a weaker suit but don’t be fooled - the reinforced knee pads and strong seams mean that this suit should see you through many years of ocean adventures.

aqua lung xscape rash vest

Xscape Rash Guard & Leggings - Sporting the same palm print and vibrant colours as the Xscape wetsuit, the Xscape rash guard and leggings are designed to work alone or be worn as a base layer under a wetsuit. The rashie and leggings boast the same environmentally friendly properties as the wetsuit, being made from 100% recycled plastic bottles in a chloride resistant polyester which makes the bright design last longer. 


Much like the wetsuit, these pieces are multi-use and can be worn for snorkelling, freediving, or even on-land fitness activities. Mesh panels under the arms aid in circulation to keep the body cool. Worn alone for scuba diving in warm waters, they will provide UPF 50 sun protection and a layer to prevent underwater stings. The loose fit of the rash guard makes it easy to put on as a sun protection layer after a dive, whilst the slightly raised neckline offers additional protection from both the sun and from BCDs rubbing against the skin. 


Sustainability has been considered in all areas of these pieces. All of the items in the Xscape collection (3/4mm wetsuit, rash guard, and leggings) are packaged in plastic free, biodegradable packaging, with recycled cardboard hang tags. They also come in mesh bags which can be used to house wet pieces when you remove them, or even used as a trash collection bag underwater or on land. 

Aqua Lung Coral Guardian Hydroflex 3mm Wetsuit

aqua lung coral guardian wetsuit

If palm prints aren’t your thing, the new Coral Guardian design of the Hydroflex suit may be more for you. This 3mm wetsuit designed for warm water diving features a vibrant design based on an image of coral taken in Flores, Indonesia, by the co-founder of the charity Coral Guardian. They work to preserve reefs in Indonesia by empowering local communities, and Aqua Lung will donate €1 to their projects per Hydroflex suit sold. The suit is constructed from non-petroleum based neoprene, and like all Aqua Lung suits it’s a comfortable, flexible material featuring seals at the wrists and ankles to prevent flushing and keep you warm throughout your dives. 

Aqua Lung SeaFlare Torches

aqua lung seaflare torch new 2021

Whether you’re planning night time underwater adventures or you’re a daytime-only diver, a torch is always a worthwhile addition to your equipment collection. Aqua Lung have got every dive light need covered with their new range of SeaFlare torches. The smallest SeaFlare Mini (900 lumens) is the perfect BCD pocket-sized accompaniment which can be carried on any dive - whether it’s to illuminate dark corners when hunting out critters, or to bring back the vibrancy of colours on deeper dives. The mid sized SeaFlare (1300 lumens) would suit most divers’ night-diving needs, whilst the largest SeaFlare Pro (2800 lumens) offers higher power for when you need it. 


All three SeaFlare variants offer fantastic battery life and can be used consistently for an entire dive without needing to turn them on and off. The large, ergonomic on/off button cycles through three brightnesses, and each dive light will last up to 3 hours on high power, 4 hours on medium power, or a whopping 10 hours on low power (up to 12 for the Pro). SeaFlare batteries are rechargeable via a USB cable, and the charger displays the percentage of charge as well as a green/red LED indicator to show when the battery is full. The temperature regulation built into the torches means that they can safely be used on land as well as underwater. 


aqqua lung seafllare torch

The interchangeable ring beam deflectors (in Blue, Glacier, Pink and Tropic Yellow) glow in the dark for easy visibility and direct the beam of light to ensure you’re not glaring in other divers’ faces. As well as being customisable to match the rest of your equipment, these colours also make it easier to tell buddies apart underwater by just their torches. Whilst many dive lights come with a flimsy wrist strap, the reliable lanyard on the SeaFlare torches is much thicker than most. This makes it more comfortable as well as easier to use with thick gloves. 

Same gear, new colours

As well as releasing new equipment they have also updated some of their existing equipment colours to bring even more fun to your gear.

Teknika Mask - blue

Built to withstand the rigors of technical diving, the Teknika’s two-piece shock resistant frame is assembled with AISI 304 stainless steel bolts and screws for superior strength. The twin-lens design provides an excellent field of

view and the dark skirt eliminates distracting side-light, a feature many technical divers appreciate when spending long hours in the water. Previously in white and black

Storm fins

Now in dark olive! We love these fins and have been using them for over a year now, read more about them in our fin guide here.

Plazma Mask - Olive

For new and experienced divers, the Plazma is the only frameless panoramic diving mask that delivers a perfect fit with excellent comfort from surgical grade premium silicone and ExoHex stability. The Plazma mask delivers a lightweight and compact, low-profile design in fresh, exciting color combinations and is available with Clear and Advanced Mirror lens options.

Where to buy new Aqua Lung products

These exciting new launches will become available over the next few months, so to be the first to get your hands on them you should contact your local dive store to request the items you’re looking for. You can check for your nearest Aqua Lung dealer via the search function on their website.  


Don’t forget that our Girls that Scuba Facebook group is also a great resource for finding fantastic local dive shops to support - why not start a conversation in there to discover who’s stocking these products close to your home, and perhaps make some new scuba friends in the process?

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