Regulator Review: Apeks XL4+

Are you on the lookout for a new scuba dive regulator, or in the market to upgrade your regulator? We've been using Apeks XL4+ for one year now and are excited to give you a full review on this regulator and let you know everything about your potential new regulator. We've also found somewhere you can get over £170 off the RRP, keep reading to find out!

Apeks XL4+ What they say

What they said: The Apeks XL4+ is a compact and versatile regulator based on the original XL4 but it has been updated with an additional high pressure port and a stylish new colour.


The XL4+ is a lightweight regulator that lends itself to travel diving but it is also certified for cold water use so it also a great regulator for all environments.


The first stage uses the same over-balanced diaphragm design as found in the rest of the Apeks first stage and incorporates a heat exchanger for cold water performance and is also environmentally sealed to to help protect the internal components from freezing ice and contaminants. There are four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports to offer plenty of hose routing options and the ability to mount an analogue pressure gauge as well as a wireless transmitter.


The second stage is finished with a lightweight white body, satin metal components and a black mouthpiece and exhaust cover. The compact second stage features a balanced valve for excellent performance and smooth breathing, diver adjustable venturi control, a heat exchanger on the inlet for improved cold water performance, a compact exhaust tee and the Apeks comfo-bite mouthpiece.

Apeks XL4+ What we say

apeks xl4+ regulator scuba diving

First impression: From first impression there's no denying this is a good looking piece of apparatus! The sleek white on the grey pops out and the all round white look is really neat! It weighs next to nothing (2lbs to be exact) and feels so light in your hand compared to any other regulator! So far, we are very excited! 


First use: Again the weight of it is scoring high points in our books. Travelling with the  XL4+ was so easy, and getting it out on the dive deck got some immediate "ooooh's" from divers interested to check out the new XL4. The first breath was smooth and easy, and throughout the dive it performed to a high standard even when creating free flow and at depth. Something we also noticed about its low weight is how it help reduce jaw fatigue on long dives - a great feature for all divers.


Years worth of use: We've had the xl4+ for over a year now, which is when we like to write these reviews. We believe in putting scuba equipment to the test in different climates, conditions and waters. While we haven't been fortunate enough to use it ice diving yet, we've done most other conditions from caverns to wrecks, tropical water to cold water. It works just like it did on its first breath, still as smooth and still as easy. It has kept its sleek appearance, even with its white colour which we suspected could get dirty rolling around in a dive bag on planes and liveaboards.

Notes: When buying the set it usually doesn't come with a pressure gauge, so make sure you either add one you already have or purchase a new one - you don't have to buy an Apeks pressure gauge. You can choose between DIN or Yoke. For us in the UK, DIN is mostly used.


Recommend to which kind of diver: All divers to be honest, while it may seem too "high-tech" for a new diver, it's not, it's well made and works exactly how any diver would want it to. The only thing that may put a new diver off is the price tag.  The XL4+ also makes an ideal stage regulator, perfect for the technical exploration diver with a large amount of equipment

Price of XL4+ and where to buy

Ready to buy? First up your new XL4+ should cost anywhere up to £570/ $620 but you can find some great deals on places like Mikes Dive Store for £355!

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