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Apeks ThermiQ 7/8mm Semi-drysuit! For anyone that doesn’t like drysuits!

Apeks ThermiQ 7/8mm Semi-drysuit! For anyone that doesn’t like drysuits!

Do you love keeping warm when diving, but don’t get on with drysuits? The Apeks ThermiQ 8/7 wetsuit could be exactly what you are looking for! Hands down the warmest wetsuit we’ve ever dived in, this could well be the perfect solution to keep warm without diving in a drysuit! We take a closer look into how it performs here.

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What Apeks say:

The Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm is a premium Semi-Dry Wetsuit designed to meet the thermal and flexibility needs of the advanced diver but is equally for any diver that wants top-end comfort and performance.

The ThermiQ uses highly efficient 8mm thick neoprene on the core that provides extra thermal protection where it is needed most and slightly thinner 7mm neoprene on the arms and legs allows for greater flexibility. It is fitted with large cargo pockets on both legs that are ideal for storing your accessories and an integrated hood provides additional protection against the cold. An across the chest zipper makes it easy to put on, while internal cuffs on the forearms and lower leg minimise water ingress.

The suit is made from limestone-based neoprene, instead of the more traditional chemical-based petroleum neoprene which makes it kinder to the environment. One of the key ingredients used in producing the neoprene, Carbon Black, is made from recycled car tyres instead of oil and the yarn that creates the soft lining of the suit is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The ThermiQ 8/7mm is supplied with a simple and effective changing mat to protect your feet and wetsuit while getting changed. The mat doubles up as a shoulder bag to carry your wet gear inside and features a drawstring closure, carry straps and aluminium G-Hook closure for extra security. Get your ThermiQ wetsuit here for £545

What Girls that Scuba say: Our review of the ThermiQ wetsuit

Apeks have always been one of the leaders in high quality dive equipment but their new ThermiQ wetsuit is a real stand out piece offering incredible warmth, sustainable materials and a THICK wetsuit that isn’t impossible to put on! Girls that Scuba founder Sarah has put the ThermiQ to the best this summer in the UK and tells us more:

“There are not enough words to say about how insane this wetsuit it. I’ve never had a wetsuit like it. It’s honestly a game changer, and if you feel the cold/don’t like drysuit/just want a decent warm suit, I 100% recommend the ThermiQ semi-dry. Coming out of the water not even cold AND almost dry underneath not only lengthens your time adventuring in the water but keeps you warm on those surface intervals too.”

Sarah adds: ‘And, whoever’s idea it was to add pockets to a women’s wetsuit, I salute you! ‘

Convinced this is your next wetsuit? Get yours here from £525 available in sizes S – XL in men’s and women’s sizes. Part of our Girls that Scuba membership discount platform? You’ll get 5% off that price with your discount code at Mikes Dive Store making it £499!

Will the ThermiQ be keeping you warm soon?