GTS Gentle Giants Group Tour - Baja, Mexico

girls that scuba group trip

Introducing the GTS Gentle Giant Expedition!


ONLY 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE! March 7 - 14 2020



Could this be the ultimate dream? Humpback whales, grey whales, blue whales, whale sharks, sharks, sea lions (and so much more) all in one Girls that Scuba trip. Baja is known for having the greatest concentration of migrating marine mammals in the entire world - and there is only one month of the year you'll get the chance to see all of this in one action packed adventure. By joining our GTS group trip facilitated by Dive Ninja Expeditions, you will have front row seats to the action! 


If you've been following us on social media you'll know this is the exact trip we just did ourselves to scout of the perfect GTS trip for you!

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What is a "gentle giants" expedition?

During this special time of year we’re able to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. New mothers nurse and care for their calves. Male humpbacks put on an amazing show as they search for new mates – breaching out of the water in a thunderous splash. Curious grey whales poke their heads out of the water only inches from the boat to say hello. And gigantic blue whales cruise the seas. Whether you’re a diver or non-diver this will be the trip of a lifetime.


This exclusive trip is only available for 1 month every year you'll have the chance to see all 3 of these whales (plus whale sharks and more) on our super special expedition.


In this tour we hope to see; humpback whales, grey whales, blue whales, whale sharks, sharks and sea lions.


Please note it is illegal to swim or scuba with any whales in Mexico. We completely respect and agree with this so we will not be getting in the water with any of the whales. However that doesn't mean the chance of seeing whales while we are already in the water is ruled out, and we will be swimming with whale sharks, sharks and sea lions and so much more.

swimming with whale sharks
Will this be you?

What's the itinerary like?

Like any expedition, itineraries are subject to change due to weather and other things out of our control. We’ve listed here the primary locations and tours planned. A full detailed itinerary and expedition welcome guide will be sent soon after deposits are paid.


Day 1 - 8


Pelagic Safari looking for humpbacks and sharks

Tour with the grey whales

Full day blue whale/fin whale watching tour

Freediving/snorkelling on the reefs of Loreto

Swim with whale sharks and sea lions


Locations (Baja California)

Cabo San Lucas

Bahía Magdalena


La Paz


Photos by David Serradell 

Cost and how to book

You do not need to be scuba certified for this trip as it contains only swimming/freediving. There is no scuba diving involved in this trip. It is illegal in Mexico to purposely get in the water with whales.




This is an expedition, it requires a lot of driving to get to all these parts of Baja California and is on a shared room basis only (hotels - separate beds). We will be spending more time above water than below and we have the opportunity to witness not only marine life but the animals that live around the oceans.


Price for 8 days tour including all tours, accommodation (shared occupancy) and transportation. Meals not included. This is an expedition, not a luxury retreat, we will be covering a lot of ground and getting to know each other well, we will be sharing rooms and a lot of memories. 


You will need to fly in and out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. An $800 deposit is required to secure your spot.


$2795 usd

For any questions please contact both

Some photos from our Gentle Giants expedition this year

Photos by David Serradell and Jay Clue