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Ever heard of Waterlust? The strong desire to stop exactly what you are doing and jump straight into the nearest body of water. If we could be a word that would be it. And, there are a few Instagram accounts out there that aren't exactly helping with our Waterlust, but we're kind of ok with that. Here's all the ocean inspiration you need in one list (and this time, we're including the men).


Ok, we put ourselves first; but that's kind of why we started Girls that Scuba: to inspire others to join us in the ocean. We post daily pictures of the girls in our GTS community where they feel the happiest; in the ocean! It's a female only community and we aim to highlight women who are really making a difference to our ocean as well as pictures to encourage you to become a Girl that Scuba's too! Join us and tag #girlsthatscuba to be featured.


Alfred Minnarr's Instagram description quite simply puts “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” and if you look at his photos you would agree too! 


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Snapping up the ultimate username @ocean it's not hard to discover this account, and rightfully so. Showcasing beautiful ocean-inspired photography, marine life and ocean-lovers it's got just about everything you need to pack up your day job and go and live in the sea (can we do that?).


Yes, her name is actually Ocean; for real! This shark-loving ocean activist is a lot more than just a pretty face, and has dedicated her life to the protection of sharks. Now that's what we call a girl boss! @oceanramsey


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Underwater photography and freelance Master Scuba Instructor, Omar, is based in Aqaba, in Jordan and get's to dive some of the best spots in the Red Sea (frequently traveling over to Egypt too). He shoots critters,creatures and everything in between with a unique style. 


Our sister Instagram site @girlsthatfreedive has only just started but we've loved collecting awe-inspiring images from women with some seriously powerful lungs. There is something so calming about seeing images of free divers!


One of our fabulous GTS members, Renata, is based in Sharm el Sheikh, in Egypt and captures stunning shots of her life as an underwater photographer! Just look at that turtle! 


Girl boss, Sarah, runs her own mermaid company monofin mermaids. Yup, she, and her crew are real life mermaids! What more could you dream of?


Capturing the natural wonders of Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, Alex leaves us speechless with his amazing photos. His feed will give you SERIOUS waterlust!


Michaels account isn't just photography - it's underwater art. Based in Cyprus he captures the soul and beauty of the ocean perfectly. Can we be in your next photo shoot?

"We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came." John F. KennedyRead

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