A video tribute to scuba women all over the world

In just under a year Girls that Scuba has become the largest female-only dive community online. Together we aim to empower, encourage and educate ourselves and each other on the power of the ocean, and scuba diving. As international PADI Women's dive day approaches on the 15th of July we want to spread our message and encourage you to join us on this day, wherever you are around the world. Because, together, we are the women of the ocean!


Find your nearest dive center participating in Padi's women's dive day here


And, ladies, don't forget to join our private female only community here


Credits: Produced by Sarah Richard (founder of GTS) with help from Annie Cardoso. Featuring Allyson Smith Marianne Aalders Indigo Bolandrini Nouf Alosaimi Karen Wells Amber Rangel with clips from Rika Royals, Jaime Lakatos, Leah Brinch-Iversen, Kendall Chancellor, Susan Sarrett and pictures from our GTS girls around the globe!

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