A week on board a luxury liveaboard in the Red Sea

luxury liveabords
The good life onboard Scuba Scene

Here's the thing girls (ok, and boys, I'm letting you in on this one) I'm struggling to describe to you my time onboard Scuba Scene last month. On one hand, I want to light up your imagination with stories of dancing with dolphins and midnight dives, and on the other, I want to be a kid and totally show off about the complete and utter luxury of the boat. Maybe I can do both? Forgive my boasting, it's just this trip blew any expectations of a scuba dive liveaboard out the water.

Move along boys, the girls are here!

The Red Sea in Egypt is my favourite place in the world to scuba dive. My first experience diving here nearly 5 years ago left me with a life-long love affair with a country so misunderstood. So much so, that I found myself moving to Egypt a few months ago to pursue my love and passion for this ocean. Bateel Diver, a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre in Saudi Arabia, shared this love with me and invited me along for their 9th international liveaboard trip to the 'Deep South". But who the hell were Bateel divers and why did they want Girls that Scuba and Pink Bubbles to be a part of their illusive luxury liveaboard that comes with a waiting list?


A  predominately male scuba group from Saudi, run by PADI Master instructor Haitham Khaiyat, the founder of Bateel Diver, these guys know their stuff when it comes to scuba travel.  Was I intimidated to go onto a boat for nearly a week with 22 men? HELL NO, this is exactly why I started Girls that Scuba. I was there to change the perception scuba diving is a male dominated industry and I was there to prove to them that next time I'M BRINGING MORE GIRLS WITH ME (that's your first invitation).

The Diving

If you haven't dived in the Red Sea before, well then quite frankly you are yet to experience some of the best coral dives of your life. Teaming with soft, hard, colourful, strange and beautiful corals, you can barely find a gap in your vision without a colour explosion. Of course, there is a lot more to the Red Sea than just the corals (cough, cough, that dolphin picture) and you never quite know what to expect next. You have to be aware of the season in Egypt though, if you coming looking for sharks, you'll have a better chance between June - September in the warmer months. Water temperature is also higher in summer, unlike on this trip (March) where we had a few cold dives. Egypt is also home to some world famous wrecks, which I'm yet to have dove, buttttt the next trip in July we are heading to Thistlegorm, Egypt's most famous wreck.

On this latest trip, we headed South from Hurghada to hit up some of Egypt's top dive spots including

- Elphinstone

- Abu Dabab

- Dolphin House


<-----See the full route

The route took us 5 whole days and we managed to get in between 2-3 dives a day (you can do more, but come on, we were on holiday).


See bottom for next trips route.

The boat (or should I say floating 5* hotel)

To say Scuba Scene exceeded my expectations is an understatement. Never have I seen such a luxurious dive boat - and I've seen a lot. Resting there in Hurghada harbour waiting for us to make her our new home, she lead us on quite the adventure around the Red Sea with not even a slight glitch. 

With 13 double cabins 9 twin cabins, and 4 cabins with king size bed it sleeps a fair few guests, yet its spacious decks, salon(s) and dining area give the illusion you could be the only one on board at times. Believe me when I say this boat is simply beautiful. The standards are so high that I truly think this is one of the best liveaboards in the world, but if you don't believe me, you'll just have to come and check it out yourself (second invitation). For more photos and info check out their website.


By the way, I am in no way affiliated to this boat - it's just my honest opinion.

Watch my Live video for a tour

YOU'RE INVITED. And I genuinely want you to come with me

I think I'm a bit of a loner. I am, right? I've been travelling the world solo for nearly 6 years. This isn't a sob story, I've had many welcome additions join me along the way, and some of my best memories are those shared with others. So, I don't want to go alone this time. I want you guys to come with me, I want to geek out and talk about diving all day every day, I want to meet more GIRLS THAT SCUBA, and I want you all to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Life's too short not to book a scuba holiday on a luxury boat. Just saying. 


How to book

First off, I'm not a travel agent nor am I trying to sell you this trip, I genuinely just want to open it up for everyone and Bateel Divers are allowing me this. They are organizing it and will take care of the booking, I'm just here to say "HELLOOO, PLEASE COME WITH ME"



July 30 - August 4th 2017

Hurghada - Sharm El Sheik


Tentative Diving Route:

SS Thistlegorm


Ras Mohammed

Gubal Island

Abu Nuhas

Shag Rock

For full schedule click here


Trip Fees 

excluding flight ticket (Get 15% off before May 31) prices in USD


Shared Room in lower deck $1,515

Shared Room in upper deck and sea view $1,655

Queen bed (single occupancy) (2 rooms available $1,895

Queen bed (2 persons occupancy) (2 rooms available) $2,975

including transportation from Hurghada, tanks, 3 meals a day, snacks, unlimited soft drinks tea/coffee


15% off before May 31 with exclusive Girls that Scuba code: GTS15 


 July 30 - August 4th, 2017


Email me at sarah@girlsthatscuba.com if you want to join me this July! Alternatively, you can book directly through Bateel Diver website here. Fingers crossed for more beautiful moments like this!

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