10 Signs you are addicted to scuba diving

scuba diving addiction

Well, hello there fellow scuba addict! Are you looking for a diagnoses or confirmation that you are indeed addicted to scuba diving? Let us help you by talking you through 10 tell-tale signs of addiction to how we can help you through them (actually no, we won’t do that). And remember:


“ I am a scuba addict on the road to recovery. ONLY KIDDING, there are no roads underwater”

1. You no longer use the thumbs up sign in any situation and answer everything with an “ok” sign

How you feeling? - ok sign

Do you want some food? - ok sign

How was it? - ok sign

Do you know how do use anything other than the ok sign.. OK SIGN

2. Your dive computer is a permante fixture on your arm

Yes, we know it is big and bulky, and is impossible to put tight clothes over but what if we suddenly need to dive? Also, give us a valid reason for ever taking it off? We thought so. *note we said arm, and not wrist; ain't no real divers diving with a small dainty computer*

3. You own more dive t-shirts than normal t-shirts

And that's kinda awkward when you really need to wear something un-dive related.

4. When you actually shower and put on 'real people clothes' you get a pretty huge reaction

"Wow, you look amazing"

"Yes, this is what I really look like when I don't have a burnt nose, salt water in my hair and have actually brushed it"

5. You only travel to places you can dive

Becasue what else are we suppose to do on holiday?

6. You can talk for HOURS just about scuba diving

Scuba divers are your people. They get you. You get them. You are kind of scared about talking to people that don't dive incase you run out of conversation.

7. It starts feeling weird to breathe without a regulator in your mouth

And don't even get us started on swimming in a pool. How do you actually breath in bodies of water without a regulator? HOW?

8. Your Facebook profile is an underwater selfie

It is though isn't it....?

9. You talk to fish underwater

"Why hello there Mr. Fish, do you come here often"

no reply

"You're very pretty"

no reply

"Fine, I know at least the moray will look like its talking back to me"

- Actual conversation 

10. You'd rather keep your wetsuit on until the next dive than going through the ordeal of taking it off

Even if the next dive isn't until the next day.


Bonus: Even your passport says where you are going..

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